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For over a century, I have lived in secret; hiding on this blog, alone in this addiction. Until now. I am a vampire diaries addict and this is my blog.

Hey, my name is Shannon and if you're reading this than that means my weird introduction didn't totally creep you out or maybe it did. Well this is my blog and its all about anything that has to do with The Vampire Diaries. I am a PROUD Stan of Damon and Elena.

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Nina Dobrev at Paris Fashion Week (July 6-9, 2014)

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delena rewatch meme: [4/4] heartbreaking moments

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J u l y ' s   B O T M   g i f   s e t :

Damon Salvatore + Sexy/Naked

Since my bby Zayra adores Damon, especially in his naked/sexy state, I decided to go with this. I hope you like it bby. GO FOLLOW HER, she’s my lovely BOTM for this month and my long lost twin forever! <3


Arrow Season 3 Day 1. Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards. Probably QC or Arrow Cave moments.


Nina Dobrev attends the Versace show in Paris Fashion Week, July 06 2014


Nina Dobrev attends the Versace show in Paris Fashion Week, July 06 2014

you became a part of me

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Nina Dobrev arrives for the Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2014-15

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get to know me meme: [2/15] pairings » damon salvatore & elena gilbert

You are by far the greatest thing to ever happen to me in my 173 years on this earth. The fact that I get to die knowing I was loved, not just by anyone - by you. Elena Gilbert. It’s the epitome of a fulfilled life. It’s never gonna get any better than this. I peaked. I love you, Elena.

P l e a s e come back to me.
B y e.

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In 3x10, Elena and Damon were both tense. Jeremy was almost run over by the same hybrid that chased Elena that morning to send a message, Alaric was actually run over saving Jeremy, but was injured in the process. Elena saw her brother chop off the hybrid’s head, and saw the hauntingly apathetic look on his blood splattered face. Stefan blew off any responsibility, so Elena slapped him, and Damon learned that Stefan betrayed them to save his life. And Elena risked her life to bargain with Klaus by giving Rebekah back. Realizing all of this was too much to handle, Elena asked Damon to compel Jeremy to go to Denver.

Frustrated with the controversial lengths that she had to go to to keep her brother safe, she walks out of the house to get some fresh air on the porch. Damon followed her out to make sure that she was okay and comforts her, because he understands the lengths that one has to go to to keep the ones you love safe. Elena tries to explain that she doesn’t know what she would do if her were not there, and by the way that she looks at him, you can tell that she is almost giving him permission to kiss her.

But Damon feels guilty about holding back information, so he tells her the truth about Stefan….he is completely honest with her…and then he tells her that he feels guilty for wanting her…for thinking for a split second, he didn’t have to feel guilty about loving her anymore. Then he starts to walk away, his back turned from Elena.

And as Damon walks away, Elena just stands there, staring at where he was, confused about her own feelings. Then Damon does something…he pretty much says, “Fuck it” to the outside rules of morality, and to everyone else in Mystic Falls who may say that he shouldn’t love her, but he doesn’t care because for once he wants to follow his heart. So he turns around, puts his hands around her neck, almost cupping her face and kisses her. As he kisses her, she holds onto his hands just below her neck for balance, and she kisses him back. As they part, she gazes into his eyes, not questioningly, but absorbed in the moment. And then Damon looks down at her, smiles, wishes her a good night, and walks away.

To parallel, in 3x19 Elena was extremely conflicted. She knew what she wanted, but she felt guilty for wanting it. So, while she is the motel room lying in bed, she gazes at Damon sitting by the window with his shirt open, keeping watch. Then he notices her looking at him. And in that moment, without saying a word she invites him over, so Damon lays down next to her and Elena turns to face him. And Damon says that he doesn’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations. And in this moment he is telling Elena that she shouldn’t either, because he knows who Elena is at the core, and that she has been living her life based on other people’s expectations for who she should be. And this takes Elena aback for a moment, because she knows that what Damon is saying, is that people don’t think that he is good for her, but he knows that she has feelings for him and living up to what other people expect from her is holding her back.

So, Elena takes a deep breath and turns on her back to face the ceiling, but as she does this, Damon tries to find her hand. Unable to handle the moment, she goes outside and braces herself against a wall. Damon follows her outside, and Elena says, “Don’t” almost pleading, with her back to Damon, but when Damon counters, “Why not?” Elena acts based off what she wants and not what other people expect of her, and in that moment, she allows herself to be free from others expectations. So she essentially says, “Fuck it”, turns around…runs towards him and kisses him.

These two moments are significant because they are both letting go of people’s expectations for them. Damon was expected to not go after Elena, because he has been told that he is not good enough for her. But in 3x10, he lets go of the constrictions other people put on him and he goes after what he wants. Elena does the same thing, she is so used to living up to what other people’s expectations on how she should act and who she should be with, that in that moment when Damon follows her out side, she cannot think of a reason for “Why not?”, and allowing herself be free, she kisses him. Because when they are with each other, they set each other free. (via insightfuldamon)

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I’ve done some pretty cool things, that’s definitely the coolest things i’ve ever done.          — Ian Somerhalder visits Aquarius, Mission 31 

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We have come so far.

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